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Our fourth grade reading class has finished reading Trumpet of the Swan. We enjoyed meeting the characters and have created our own projects to share what we loved about this novel.

Our wiki page displays our projects.

We want to share what we learned while completing the novel and our projects.


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The lesson I learned in the trumpet of the swan is that when Louis save the life of Applegate Skinner, I learned that to do unto others as you wuld have them do to you.
That is the lesson I learned reading he novel, The Trumpet Of The Swan.
the End!!

I think this book was a very delicate and life-changing book. I learned some much about life, perseverance, and love. Here are some o the things I learned. I learned that you never give up on life like Louis didn’t. He started out with a defect which is hard enough, but the fact that he worked so hard to help his father restore his honor by getting money to pay for the trumpet. But the most important thing Louis didn’t give up on was love. He never gave up on the idea of having Louis for is bride. He always new in his heart that he loved Serena. Next to life lessons, I learned so much on the computer. I learned how to make podcasts, Google Docs, and get more music from a website. I think all of the technology related things I learned will help me in life. Over all I think this was a spectacular book and I want to read more E.B. White books and I want to read The Trumpet of the Swan book again.

The Trumpet of The Swan book was a very good book. The book taught me that just because you have a defect doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome it, also that any problem can be solved, and the biggest lesson of all,a life long lesson that any problem can be overcome.

I Remember us learnig how to do animotos,Podcasts,Put music on a podcast,Some people even learned to do Skype,Some times we do flip camera vidios durig the Skype.Thats a lot, but that all I can think of right now.

Matthew M.

In the novel trumpet of the swan I learned that you should always try your hardest in life. Let’s look at louis for example. Louis has a brave and couagous father who tries to do everything for him. I also learned that you should stand up for yourself and face your fears like when his father risked his life to get the trumpet for his son. Also when you are talking try not to go overboard like the cob when makes speeches or tries to talk to his wife. Oh.. and one more thing, always have paitence somewhere deep inside of you. Like when louis could not win his love at first, but over time he eventually won her over.

From “The Trumpet of the Swan,” I learned that you can solve any problem if you tried, just like Louis did with his speech problem. I also learned that you should never give up, like Louis did when he was earning money to pay for the stolen trumpet.

I learned that when you have a problem that the solution can be unusual. Like when Louis the swan had the problem of his father being in debt he solved it in a very unusual way, by earning money by using his trumpet to be a Camp buguler, a musician for a nightclub, and a boat leader and musician for the swan boats. Now who would think a SWAN could do THAT.

I learned that even though something is wrong with you to never give up. Louis was not able to speak but he kept trying to get Serena attention because he loved her. When Louis was stumped his father was very great as a father and he lost all his honor for Louis and stole a trumpet. I have also learned that even though you loose your honor you still act like a man with honor. I have learned that when someone does something nice for you do the same right back to them like the storekeeper and Louis. Even though you think you are dying never loose hope because you may brought back to life like the cob was brought back to life by the hospital. This is everything I have learned in the novel Trumpet of the Swan.

I learned that a character in a book is someone who you think is real. I also learned that it doesn’t matter if you are different then everyone ensle, you’re still the same as them. What I learned from Louis is to try to be more courages and brave. What I learned from cob is that not to be over dramatic, but to do anything for someone in need, even if he did because he didn’t want his son making him look bad. What I learned form Sam is to be kind and loyal. I learned without interesting characters in a book well a book is not a book, if you had boring chacters then your book just drags along like a blanket draging on the floor. For a book is not a book without interesting charcters.

I have learned In the book the trumpet that am got a job at the Philadelphia Zoo And he and Serena get married and have cygnets.I also learned that the old cob got shot just to return the money He recovered so that is good.I also learned that Louis Won a life saving metal for saving applegate Skinner life and applegate still didn’t like birds even after one saved his life.

I have learned a lot of incredible things from The Trumpet of the Swan. One thing I have learned is to keep on trying to win something and you might. I learned this when Louis tried to win Serena’s love in Chapter 8 and didn’t, but in Chapters 18-21, he does. Another thing I have learned is that if you’re not that great with something, it usually means you’re excellent in a couple others. I had figured this out from Chapters 5-12, when Louis had a speech defect, but was great in volleyball, playing an instrument (trumpet), reading, writing, and listening. There are a ton of amazing morals in The Trumpet of the Swan and I recommend you read it because it will never become a babyish book from anyone’s opinion unless they haven’t read it!

The Trumpet of the Swan book is a very good book and it is not a babyish book. In the book I learned that being defective doesn’t mean you are not smart or not going to succeed in life. As in the book Louis was born with out a voice and could not say a thing. Louis ‘s father got him a trumpet and with days of practice Louis had a voice! So most problems can be overcome. I also learned as a researcher that you always have to be patient with technology. I would recommend this book to any one because even a teacher loves the book and it is very interesting to my whole class.

I’ve learned that even if you have some kind of defect you can still be the best. I learned so much about life like to never give up and that anybody can do anything. You can work hard and get rewards like self-respect, money, and rewards. Live life like it’s going to be dull tomorrow. Try to help whoever you can. Those are only a few of the lessons that I have learned. I have also have learned a lot about books. They sometimes interpret life lessons inside. I have also learned about similes because of this book so you can say you can learn English in this book. Sometimes, as I’ve learned you can learn about the other people’s point of view. Sometimes you can find out things things that you didn’t know. You can wonder about things. So that wraps thins up. Goodbye! 🙂

The lessons I learned in the novel,Trumpet Of The Swan and the projects is that, In the novel I learned that when Louis saved the life of Applegate Skinner, I learned that to do unto others as you would have them do to you. Also, in the book I learned when Louis was born and couldn’t speak, he still tried his best at evrything,and the lesson was to always do your best,even though you struggle a lot in something else. When I worked on my projects with my partners, when we recorded, we made mistakes,but when we did it again, it was perfact! That lesson is to belive in yourself even though you struggle at it a lot. Those are the lessons I learned in the book,The Trumpet of The Swan and the projects I Do with my partners and I.
The End!!!!!!

I learned that problems can be solved in very unusual ways. Like when Louis the swan had the problem of his father being in debt he solved it very unusually. He did this he used a trumpet his father stole to be a camp bugler, a musician for a nightclub, and a boat leader and a musician for the swan boats. That is how he earned money to pay back his father’s debts. Now wbho would think a swan could do THAT.

I have learned a lot of things things in this book, so I will start with one. The first character I learned from the novel is Sam. As Sam said in the beginning of the book that boys always have a problem about what a boy is going to be when they grow up. I also learned from Sam that you should be very helpful and help people or swans when they have a problem. The next character from the novel I learned from is Louis. Louis, just like Sam, is very helpful just like at Camp Kookooskoos, when Louis helped Applegate Skinner. The last character I have learned from this novel is the cob.The cob just goes and just stands up for any problem, even though it risks his life, he just goes with it just like when he stole the trumpet from the music store.

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